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sweetdelirium's Journal

Geek. Bookworm. Hero.
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a dash of tea, abandoned smallpox hospitals, accosting strangers, adrenaline, aimless walks, alchemy & translational algorithms, apocalyptica, art killers, badass lasses, baptism by fire, beating the lizard brain, black markets, bleeding salt/spitting wind, blinding angels, blood by proxy, borderline insomnia, bountyhunting utopia, burkhart's underground, calling for backup, candlelight raves, cannibalizing interests, charybdis, cherry orchards in stockholm, chronological contortionism, climbing trees, cognitive krakatoas, col. jirayr h. zorthian, conning freemasons, constellations & blackouts, crimethink, dancing a jig, debauchery, disinformation, disorientation, documentary film(making), dodging fortuna, dolphins know what's up, downtown at 3 am, dynamic dystopia, eccentricity, empathy, epiphany, epistemological blindspots, ferocious geeks, fiction suits, fighting the good fight, flaming pillars of truth, forms varieties and errors, founding a new tribe, freaks geeks & delinquents, freelance ranting, future zoology, galavanting about, garbage or gold, gorgeous mutants, gramophones films & typewriters, grant morrison, growing new skin/7 wks., guinea pig zero, half-breeds & mixed-bloods, hallucinations who/that talk, headmap (know your place), heresy, histrionic gabbering, how technology listens, hypersanity, infornography, infosexuals, insects as mini-aliens, irrationality, ivory tower go boom, jumping puddles, kenya uguanda & tanzania, knee-jerk irony, lakes can die, late nights, london, lucid dreaming, lyall watson, macroneurology, magickal lunatics, makeshift vagabonds, making up new words, maledicta, meditation in action, memesmiths, microcelebrity, movement is contagious, mythography, nanotech bondage pixies, neofuturists, not enough road trips, n©, oliver sacks, omar khayyam, oneirocriticism, onomatopoeia, ontological anarchy, orgasm vigilantes, ouroboros, parasitical organisms, people-watching, photo synthesis, phylogenesis, planning my escape, poetic terrorism, posthuman, prepostredereconstruction, prisoners' inventions, proprioception, reading the good shit, receipt scams, regenerative architexture, religion of me, righteous autodidactics, risking extinction, rusty halos, ryszard kapuściński, sacred texts, saving the wee ones, scarlet life, scribbling on reality, scritched necks, semantic hedonism, sewers subways & cemeteries, sex cyborgs, six degrees of seperation, snow brawls, social currency, storming the playground, street necrology, surrationalism, swapping stories, synaesthesia, temporal lobe seizures, tesol, tesseracts of tricks, the ends of fingertips, the mole people, there is no them, threatened and artificial languages, timetravel as pre/retro cognition, trusting my gut, twilight ploys, urban folklore, used books, various mafias, wolves, woolgathering, xenophobic xanadus